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2021-04-14 22:14:05
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Why imagination requires discipline?

Interactive online workshops led by Milena Živković

Interactive online workshops "ARTikulacija" aim to apply art therapy in the process of creative thinking to contribute to the development and articulation of creativity and support its application in everyday life.

Workshops, led and created by Milena Živković, a visual artist and creator of the educational program "Discipline of Imagination", will be based on knowledge and techniques in the field of Expressive Art Therapy based on the assumption that anyone can make a significant work of art, regardless of talent and experience, giving participants the opportunity to develop creativity and shape life within artistic experimental practices. The content of the exercises that will be offered to the participants, aims to "awaken" dormant capacities, improve, adopt and apply new thought processes that further aim to contribute to the creation of new ideas.

Creative workshops, whose content is based on the educational and practical part and conceived according to the needs of participants, strive to connect the diversity of personal experience, give workshop participants the opportunity to work on their personal development, discover something new about themselves and find their own source of creativity.

The beginning of the workshops is scheduled for 29-04-2021 at 4:00 PM, lasting 2 hours.

Applications should be sent to:

Application deadline: 28-04-2021

Program duration: 

The workshops will take place online in the following terms: 29-04-2021; 06-05-2021; 13-05-2021 and 20-05-2021 from 4:00 - 6:00 PM. Due to the complexity of the workshops, and for the better performance of the same, the number of participants is limited.

Who can apply?
The workshops are specially intended for young artists, university and academic students, researchers in the field of culture and all those who want to, by combining intuition and reason, put their ideas and projects into action. The program seeks to deprive of identity: painter, sculptor, designer, in favor of identity artist, who as such can question more clearly the field of reality.

The content of the workshops will consist of exercises that articulate creativity, accompanying lectures in the field of art history, design, applied and contemporary art and brand creation through examples of Ž-art projects.

You will learn:

  • Why does the imagination need discipline?
  • Why is it a greater art to realize an idea than to conceive it?
  •  Why is art spiritually necessary? A review of the spiritual in art through the works of Kazimir Malevich, Jozeph Beuys, Rene Magritte, Andrei Tarkovsky, Vasili Kandinski. 
  • What is an art project, and what is a work, and what are the differences and similarities?
  • How is an art brand created

ARTikulacija sections will be divided into three phases. A detailed description of the same is available on the website of the NGO Atelje22 via the following link: 

First Phase:

Educational lecture in the field of contemporary art; an example of the development and evolution of artistic practices from Impressionism to conceptual art.

Second phase:
Presentation of works and projects Ž-Art through which the program "Discipline of Imagination" was incorporated.

Phase Three:
Interactive exercises: Behavior of artists in everyday life, drawing sound, my little documentary, intervention on already existing works as stimuli in the penetration of creative potential.

Milena Živković:

In my many years of creative process, I have always sought more for research and mission in the arts than for a work of art that would amaze curators and cultural institutions.

During 2017, I spontaneously came to a method that stems from the very core of the process, not only in the domain of aesthetics, but also cognitive, educational, upbringing, ideological, etc.

Discovering ways for people to develop and discover their creativity, I called the program Discipline of Imagination, listening carefully to an old lecture by my professor Ljubo Gligorijevic, who said: “Imagination should be disciplined
Because art that can change reality requires both imagination and discipline at the same time. “

"If art is not enough to provide me with the security of not chasing wild dreams, I seek help in science for my visions in which every weight is dispelled."

Italo Calvin (American lessons)