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Back To Human. Empathy and creativity - key of the evolution towards innovation.

Interactive online workshops led by Andrijana Popović  

Interactive online workshops "empaTI•JA LAB" aim to apply empathy in the processes of creative thinking, as well as contribute to the creation of new relations between visual and emotional thinking, with special emphasis on relations in the field of virtual space

The workshops, led and created by Andrijana Popović, a psychologist and empathy trainer, assistant professor of art psychology at the University of Donja Gorica and member of AICP (www.associazionecoach.com), will be based on knowledge and techniques in the field of psychology, neuro-aesthetics and visual communication, providing participants the opportunity to practice, improve, adopt and apply new knowledge, starting from the analysis of needs, awareness of understanding the body and emotions in relationships, as well as understanding time and space in the process of creative creation.

The goal of this creative laboratory is to contribute to the process of creative thinking, in search of new aesthetic solutions. Connecting the differences of personal experience through thoughts and emotions, workshop participants will have the opportunity to, through an innovative training program based on the method of aesthetic empathy, participate in a series of interactive visual trainings, conceived on the principle of "serious game circle". "How do we, through empathy, feel about others?"

You will learn to :

- Educate the eye to see with "new eyes" because "the Creator must destroy the habit of seeing with everyday eyes".

- Listen actively without prejudice. You control and manage emotions and needs towards creating in relationships.

- Define the focus of personal and professional identity with authentic values. You apply the ethics/aesthetics of relationships in creation. You encourage creativity, fantasy and imagination as potentials for cognitive development by applying a map of empathy.

I phase // First impression // 02-04-2021 // 18:00 – 20:00 H

History teaches us that very often the most obvious reality is the hardest to spot. Having eyes, in itself, does not mean that you know how to look, nor do you know how to see in a way that suits your needs. 

Therefore, the ultimate goal of this workshop is to educate the eye in overcoming the effect of the first impression as a standard way of reasoning. In addition, to open the space for creating new connections in the process of discovering new knowledge about oneself in relation to others.

II phase // Own shadow-New aesthetics // 06-04-2021 // 18:00 – 20:00 H

Listening to your own feelings and observing means becoming aware of yourself in the moment. Now and here means to draw attention to the new dimension - to be together while looking at others. There is an interval between thoughts and emotions. This interval should be recognized in order to learn to actively listen, together with others.
Thus, the second workshop opens the way that, through introspection and visual perception, creates conditions for observing, seeing and listening to oneself in others in a new and different way: without labels, definitions and prejudices.

III phase // Invisible tread of relations  // 13-04-2021 // 18:00 – 20:00 H

Active listening to ourselves and others is based on the empathy we provide, by accepting differences, trust and responsibility, based on creating a positive relationship with others. Constructing creative relations is essential because it represents the ability to transmit and exchange in an authentic way, as a form of freedom of creation. Above all, the goal of the workshop is to contribute to the training of "sensory openness" of attentive listening, respect and attention towards others.

IV phase // Future of the New in the same (creative thinking)  // 20-04-2021 // 18:00 – 20:00 H

Empathic creation, in relation, means offering freedom of creation, encouraging creativity, the discipline of imagination and fantasy as zones of direct exchange. 

Exploring aesthetic solutions through the experience of other means transforming one's own beliefs into a new aesthetic experience. The aim of the final workshop is to build a favorable creative climate in the human dimensions of constructive exchange using a map of empathy.

Deadline: 01-04-2021

art psychologist and researcher of the phenomenon of Fashion & Design _ Empathy coach and Talent Hunter. Graduated psychologist with a master's thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade "Personality and Fashion", study paper in theory of fashion, the meaning of the body covered in clothing, visual communication, aesthetic empathy as a source of differences in creativity, a book-project published and supported by the Gianfranco Ferre Foundation from Milan, as an INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUE IN EDUCATION. Andrijana has created and collaborated on numerous international research projects. Her current research work focuses on encouraging and developing the identity of innovative creation forms. Ethics, aesthetics, empathy and eco-sustainability (4E) is the context of the creative system through the application of psychological science, neuro-aesthetics and coaching, which are used as acquired experience in the field of education. Andrijana is a turning point and a sharp eye that should be followed in the interpretation of knowledge about the arts on a psychological basis.