2021-05-22 14:17:00
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Periodični časopis za kulturu  

curated by Atelje22

Narativ is an art magazine edited and published by Atelje22 that has been born under the idea to bridge different cultural realities, offering to the readers diverse perspectives, narratives, analysis, and artistic expressions.

Questions concerning art, experimental education practice, technology and new perspectives are the ground in which we planted our roots. We have created the magazine out of a passion for alternative models, strongly believing that the production of knowledge generates creativity, which, in return, generates new knowledge and so on.

The preferred instrument here is the recounting and experiencing art in its encounter with disciplines as disparate as architecture, design, fashion and sound, as well as mathematics, physics and philosophy.

From this corner of the planet, a new adventure begins. Its roots are in Montenegro, and it spreads throughout the world, virtually and physically, carrying forth the best of Montenegrin creativity and hosting and interacting with international talents.

Quarterly we’ll be publishing interviews with curators, artists, art critiques and thinkers in order to contribute to the cultural ground. Don't forget to subscribe to our magazine!