Re/Shaping The City-International art festival

2021-06-01 12:20:00
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Re/Shaping The City

International art festival in Cetinje, Montenegro

Organized by:Atelje22 

Atelje 22, a cultural association from Montenegro, in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund from Netherlands and the municipality of Cetinje invites you to visit international multimedia festival entitled "Re-Shaping The City".

Re / Shaping The City is composed of series of site-specific interactive installations in public spaces that, with their content, aim to reshape and modify stereotypes, implementing new ways of seeing and thinking.

The mission of the festival is to revive old, abandoned houses in the historical part of the city center of Cetinje and the prison premises in the Bogdanov region, through a new way of perceiving, interpreting and repurposing them.

The vision of the festival is to bring artists together from different cultural backgrounds in order to create new spaces of communication and exchange of ideas, suitable for further development of creativity.

Located in different spots in Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, on more than 800 square meters of the exhibition space, you will enjoy works of the artists from different European countries. 

Born as a desire to annul borders, this festival is offering you the richness of different cultural realities, reviving old and abandoned places and offering new ways of reading and perceiving Cetinje as a town. 

By scanning the QR code which is located near each art work you have the possibility to hear, directly from our participants, a brief narrative about their work, what inspires them and what challenges they were facing during its implementation. 

We hope that you will enjoy your visit. Please rate us and/or leave a comment on the links bellow. We wish you a pleasant time in Cetinje!

Locations of the festival on the google map:

Stari Zatvor u Bogdanovom kraju //

House I

House II