Seeing/sight is just one of the senses. To draw means to communicate

2020-10-15 17:32:23
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Seeing is just one of the senses || To draw means to communicate

 „There is only one right way to draw and that is a perfectly natural way...It has only to do with the act of correct observation, and by that I mean a physical contact with all sorts of objects through all the senses“ 

Kimon Nicolaides – The natural way to draw

A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. Until now we recognized different types of senses: Aristotelian senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) Other (balance and acceleration, temperature, proprioception, pain, magnetoception, other internal senses), perception not based on a specific sensory organ (time, agency, familiarity). Due to their everyday use, it seems like we are not entirely aware of their true power.

This project is conceived as a various range of experiments that will partially deal with the creative process and empirical approach to explore the complexity of human reception. The intention is also to acquire skills that can be used to implement the knowledge gained in the creation process by following the instructions of Nicolaides and Betty Edwards - Drawing with the right side of the brain (5 steps in the creative process: primary intuition, saturation, incubation, unification, confirmation). The goal is to involve people from different backgrounds, through a series of workshops that will be organized throughout the year and will focus on how to awaken awareness, activate all the senses and learn to implement the knowledge gained in the creation process.


- Memory drawing – no matter how slight the interval is from the time we look at the model until we look at the drawing we are memorizing what we have just seen. Memorizing these little bits of the time and being aware of them is important for our future awareness of how and when we act.

- Time drawing – consists in making a series of drawings quickly following rhythm. This step allows the drawer to perceive the outlines and to get representation.

- Drawing with lights off – questioning what is happening when we can no longer „see“.

- Drawing with the left/right hand – using the „other“ hand, our sign is changing, and we are losing control over the situation, at the same time gaining new perspectives.

Literature that will be covered during the workshop: Kimon Nicolaides - Natural way of drawing; Betty Edwards - Drawing on the right side of the brain.
Participation is provided for a maximum of 30 participants who will be divided into groups. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the realization of exhibitions that will be organized on the territory of Montenegro through the experience of laboratories, in cooperation with artists and lecturers from abroad. Due to the complex situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic, the workshops will continue to take place online. If there are any changes in the imposed epidemiological measures, the selected participants will be provided with material costs and space for project implementation.
"Seeing/sight is just one of the senses // To draw means to communicate" aims to bring together people from different regions of Montenegro and the region, but given that we will start with the online form all who are interested can access the program internet are welcome.

Deadline to apply:  15-11-2020 

The workshops will last for two hours and will be held twice a week.
Program duration: November / December 2020. - June 2021. The program is free!
For all additional questions related to the project and possible proposals, you can contact us by e-mail: