Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s Culture/An insight to Art+Technology

2020-10-22 16:00:41
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Today’s ideas for tomorrow’s Culture

An insight to Art+Technology

Critical meeting with Olof van Winden 

  We are pleased to announce first critical meeting in the field of New Media Technology, led by Olof van Winden, director and founder of TodaysArt festival in The Hague. Over the years, under his leadership, TodaysArt has become an international network of festivals, made up of projects and collaborations in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Middle East, Canada, United States and many European countries. Van Winden was also the director of Montevideo / Dutch Institute for Media Art in Amsterdam. He has curated renowned exhibitions and events, including Seoul Biennale (Media City Seoul, 2012), Detroit Electronic Music Festival (2002/2003) and exhibitions in Moscow in collaboration with the National Center for Contemporary Art and the Moscow Biennale. His visionary approach and inner drive for new ideas are the driving force behind the formation of a global platform that makes it easier for artists to express creativity, bringing them closer to a global audience regardless of previous experience, cultural heritage and creative poetics. Van Winden is regularly invited as a speaker during international conferences, as a consultant for creative projects or as a member of a jury / advisor for cultural committees. It is internationally recognized for its unconventional, innovative approach to media art and digital culture.

Interactive lecture that will deal with the topics of application of technology in art and society, concentrating on the negative and positive aspects of technological development. During the lecture, special attention will be paid to the research conducted by Todays Art during 2019. Consciousness- “How can consciousness evolve in a digital world in which art, philosophy, creativity and the human mind will become crucial to the development of humanity? In a rapidly changing digital age, where the dystopian scenario of black boxes and artificial intelligence is outdated, the focus is shifting to explore the possibilities of applying digital technology in the field of art. ” The total duration of the lecture is 2 hours.

- Presentation of examples of works of art realized in the field of digital art / new media art.
- Presentation of global picture of New Media art.
- An interactive workshop in which participants will have the opportunity to work on a joint project.

Place and date of the lecture :

29/10/2020, Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje, Montenegro, hall no.4 starting at 14:00 h. The number of places is limited. All participants are asked to respect the regulations of the NCT.